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    1. Edmonton, Alberta
    2. Toronto, Ontario
    3. Cancun, Mexico
We are a team of award-winning wedding photographers based in Toronto, Canada and we photograph elopements and weddings around the world. From private elopements to 1000 people, multi day South Asian marriages, we have done it all! We documented special days in extreme conditions, from -35C/-31F in Canada, to +40C/+104F on beaches in Mexico and around Las Vegas.
Our style is laid back and non-intrusive. About 90% of our shots are photojournalistic and 10% assisted (I am sure you want perfect family and bride and groom photographs, right?. We can not leave those images to chance so we will direct you when you need that). Couples love our creative, vibrant, out of the box images.

On your Big Day, we will capture beautiful moments. While we can use flash, strobes and continuous light, we love the natural light that allows us to create beautiful, unposed photographs.

As wedding photographers, we are obsessed with beautiful light, the main ingredient in photography. In addition, we use proprietary techniques to make YOUR images stand out, from sparklers and fairy lights to ...but you will see for yourself once you visit our website.

Our work has received prestigious awards and we were nominated to be judges in national photography competitions. However, what differentiates us from the crowd are the following:
- we excel in customer service
- we only accept assignments when we know we can meet our couples' expectations
- we photograph a limited amount of weddings every season as we value the quality of photographs
- we are obsessed with cost-cutting and pass savings to our clients. How can we deliver such value? By automating every non creative step in our workflow.
- we edit every single image individually
- all our packages include high-resolution images
- we offer unlimited email communication
- all our packages include at least one consultation

The first step in the process is to book a free, non commitment consultation where we can answer all your questions and give you tips on how to make your special day perfect! We have photographed so many marriages that we believe we know one thing or two about them.