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    1. Los Angeles, California
I'm Trista and I'll be your blonde behind the lens, I'm a Los Angeles native and I've been a photographer since 2004. I have two dogs, two cats and my iphone is usually full because I take way too many photos of them.
I have a love for food, all food, but my favorites are sushi, an amazing burger, some good Korean BBQ and whatever interesting recipe that I've decided to whip up off of Pinterest, I also have quite a few photos on my iphone of my food too. It's like I enjoy taking photos or something.
I'm also a bit of a movie nerd and have many goofy favorites that I quote and usually only a few people in the room get the reference.

Back to photography, I think that everyone should be able to have an affordable wedding photographer in Los Angeles. I know that most people are working with a budget when planning their weddings and I want to help you by giving you the best bang for you buck.
I like taking pretty pretty pictures, but I also like helping people. I have been known to get my bride into her dress, pin boutineers, make last minute toss bouquets and all sorts of other things that go beyond the realm of photography. I can be there for you as your photographer and that extra bridesmaid/groomsman that you didn't know that you need.