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The Loving Eyes Weddings

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    1. Honolulu, Hawaii
In Hawaiian culture, names are given to an individual with a very apparent and literal translation along with an often hidden symbolic meaning. Kamakaipolani or The Loving Eyes of Heaven was given to Samuel Apuna at birth and has been an honored family name passed down from his Great-grandfather.

When Samuel got married in 2011, searching for a photographer that met the needs of his fiance and fit within their budget was a difficult task. Forget about finding a videographer on top of that. In an industry riddled with package deals and group services, the best deal always meant paying for something that you might not necessarily want in order to obtain the services you do. He often found that wedding service packages rarely met the entire needs of the bride and groom.

In 2012, Samuel sought to provide a simple and creative approach to wedding cinema and photography by offering a creative story-telling and journalistic style, so he started his creative studio, The Loving Eyes Weddings. By building a talented team of photographers and film-makers, The Loving Eyes Weddings is able capture every beautiful moment as it was meant to be.

By tailor-fitting photographic services to the desires of each couple, The Loving Eyes Weddings is able to capture your wedding day the way that you intended. Capturing each moment and retelling it in a story that ignites love and romance every time it is viewed.