Wedding 101: How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

One of the things that my husband and I were specific about when we were planning our wedding was choosing the right wedding photographer. It was important for us that our photographer captured the most important details of our wedding and our pictures to turn out great and be something that we could look back on time and time again. And when we found the photographer we wanted to work with, we were thrilled to find out that she was still available on the day of our wedding considering that we booked her with just about 5 months left before the wedding! One of my favorite shot (and there were many) that our photographer took was of my husband’s reaction when he was watching me walk down the aisle. Sure, the bride walking down the aisle is one of the top shot that a wedding photographer should take, but a picture of the groom watching his bride is just as priceless.

Digby&Rose put together an infographic below to help you choose your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography

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