The “Start-Her” Pearl Necklace: The Perfect Gift for the Flower Girl

Your flower girl is probably so excited to help you out on your wedding day. Like most little girls, she has a deep and sensitive heart, unbridled love of all things shiny and pretty, and unlimited energy. If you want to give her a sweet “thank you” gift, one great option is the Start-Her Pearl Necklace from Leys, Christie & Co.

Pearl Necklace

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What is It?

The Start-Her Pearl Necklace is a necklace you purchase that contains one Orienta-brand fine cultured pearl. With each holiday, event, or year that passes, you can add a pearl to the necklace. The Leys, Christie & Co company prides themselves on matching the pearls perfectly or choosing pearl sizes based on the customer’s desire.


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When the flower girl is old enough to be a bride herself, her beautiful pearl necklace will have been completed and a charming gold or silver clasp will have been added. She will then have her own pearl necklace to wear down the aisle.

It’s a charming and very sentimental gift that will mean so much to the flower girl. Because it’s not just a one-time gift, it will have a very special place in her heart and she will be looking forward to the next pearl to be added.

Pearl Necklace

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There are additional products that can be purchased to match the necklace as well, if you wish. This is a great gift for the flower girl and will show her just how special she really is!

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  • Delane

    I have never been a pearl girl but this makes me want to reconsider. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Rex

    These pearls are not just for flower girls! For sure, all ladies and women involved in a wedding ceremony like the bridesmaid, the principal sponsors and the bride herself will surely look amazing and lovely wearing these!