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4 Great Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

If you want to think of a unique and fun wedding gift for the bride and groom, you’re in the right spot. Here are some creative and great wedding gift ideas you can use for an upcoming wedding you’re attending.

Prepaid Credit Card

If you don’t want to give cash and you’re just not sure what to give the bride and groom, give them a prepaid credit card with a label that says, “honeymoon fund.” Not only is it thoughtful, but it will actually be useful to the couple.

Credit Card

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Marriage Tips – Thoughtful

If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on a gift, you can be really thoughtful and create a whole list of marriage tips. Purchase a pretty container and some parchment paper. Write a tip on each piece and then fold it up (use origami if you want to be really creative). The couple can spend a fun evening opening each one and reading it. Be sure to include some funny and touching ones.

Couple Dancing

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If you’re a family member and have access to old photos, choose one from when the bride and groom first started dating. Have it professionally re-sized and retouched and place it in an attractive frame. This makes a beautiful and touching gift.

Married Couple

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Your 5 Favorite Romance Movies

Another great way to encourage the bride and groom to spend a fun evening together is to give them a movie basket with your 5 favorite romance movies, popcorn, snacks and hot cocoa mix. This is a fun, inexpensive and thoughtful gift.

The Notebook Movie

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The Lucky One Movie

Dear John Movie

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A Walk To Remember

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P.S. I Love You Movie

These gifts aren’t expensive, but they’re useful, thoughtful gifts that the bride and groom are sure to love.

Sponsored Post: A New Wedding Registry: Cash Is No Longer Taboo

You will read it in every single wedding etiquette blog or book you find: never ask for cash as a wedding gift! Well, get ready to forget everything you know about asking for cash. Wedding Republic has made it easy to register for cash without feeling awkward or being pushy.

Wedding Republic

Don’t Want Another Toaster?

While wedding registries allow couples to register for in-store items like flatware and home items, there is no allowance for the couple who doesn’t need those items. Because today’s couples are very different from the couples of decades past, it’s time for the system to change. For example, many couples are getting married later in life and may have already collected everything needed to run a household. With this creative cash wedding registry, couples can register for cash gifts of all sizes, to go toward all different kinds of things.

Wedding Republic Registry

Ask for $20 to go toward a fun day out for the two of you, or ask for $200 to go toward your honeymoon. Your guests can still choose a gift that is the perfect size for them and their budget, and you can get wedding gifts you really love and will really utilize. Click for full details on how Wedding Republic works for every couple!

How Wedding Republic Registry Works

Wedding Republic Wedding Registry

Easy Sharing

This wedding registry also makes it super easy to share; with the click of a button, you can post your registry to Facebook or email it to a list of guests. This is a non-intrusive way to provide your registry to your guests and you don’t have to feel awkward at all.

Sharing Wedding Republic Registry

What We Think

Wedding Republic really does redefine what is allowed and what isn’t in terms of wedding etiquette. It’s a way to ask for practical, fun gifts of all sizes and there’s no awkwardness at all. It’s a wonderful solution for the modern bride!

Find a sample wedding registry here or create yours today!

Sample Wedding Republic Registry