Don’t Want Wedding Gifts? It’s Not Polite to Request “No Gifts”

According to traditional wedding etiquette rules, it’s impolite for the bride and groom to request that guests do not bring them a wedding gift. Why? Because some guests truly want to provide a gift and feel insulted if it’s not accepted. If you really don’t want guests to spend their money on you, there are a few things you can do.

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Ask for Donations to Charities

On your wedding website, ask that guests make donations to one of your favorite charities rather than bringing a gift. You can create a list of your favorite charities and talk a little bit about each one and why it’s so important to you. Guests can leave a donation in your name as a wonderful gesture.

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Don’t Register

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Sometimes, if you simply don’t provide individuals with information regarding gifts, they won’t purchase one. Don’t include a link to any registry on your wedding website or anywhere else. This way, if guests insist on bringing a gift, they’ll choose it themselves.

Be Gracious

Finally, if guests actually do bring a gift, you’ll want to be gracious and appreciative. Send out thank you letters, even if just one or two people brought gifts. If guests donated to a charity for you, you’ll still want to send a thank you note, and make sure they understand why their gift meant so much.

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Wedding Thank You Card

Overall, there’s not a lot you can do if a guest is determined to bring you something. Simply make alternative suggestions and no matter what happens, be gracious and appreciative.

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