The Flower Girl

threegirlswalking small

So many questions stem from saying a three letter word to one question. Best advice I can give from my experiences is to invest your time and money in only things that will create meaningful, wonderful, memories for you and your spouse. As you discover this, I challenge you to think past you on your wedding day to a small but wonderful portion of your wedding ….. your Flower Girl. Remember those magical moments as a child and help create one for the little ones, whom I think in many ways serves as a symbolic transformation of the bride from childhood

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Tips for Making Your Wedding Planning Organized

A bride has enough to stress over – from making sure her groomsmen get to the tux fittings to picking the perfect cake flavor. A disorganized bride will have a lot more to stress over – from lost vendor phone numbers to forgotten items. Here are some great tips for making sure your wedding planning is totally organized.

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Benefits of a Cake and Punch Wedding Reception

Are you considering having a cake and punch reception rather than a more formal sit-down dinner? If so, you’re probably weighing the benefits to determine whether this is the best route to take. There are numerous benefits to this type of reception, and the following points may help you decide.

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