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Wedding 101: Important Questions Answered

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Planning a wedding is never easy and most of the time, couples have a million questions about the process and what they should do. The following questions are very common amongst couples planning a wedding and may help you out as you get started with your own wedding planning.

Wedding 101: Important Questions Answered

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When should I start saving for my wedding?

Think of it like this: most couples take about a year to plan their entire wedding and they should have their wedding budget saved before they begin planning. It’s best if you have at least most of your wedding budget saved before starting to plan.

How do I pick a date?

Choosing the date is often the easiest thing, but there are some aspects couples don’t consider. Check whether the date is on a weekend or not, as this can affect whether certain people can attend, how much the venue will cost, etc.

Although it’s often impossible to choose a date that will make everyone happy, you can try to accommodate everyone. Make sure to send a “save the date” well in advance so family members and friends can plan.

Wedding 101: Important Questions Answered

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What’s the Easiest Way to Save Money While Planning?

There are several different ways to save while planning, but the most important thing you can do is break your budget down into several categories.

This should include the food, the dress, the venue, the flowers, etc. Then, allocate percentages to each category depending upon how important each one is to you. You will then know where to pinch pennies and where to be a little more lax.

Should I hire a professional wedding planner?

This is often a difficult question to answer, because it really is dependent upon your abilities and the time you can afford to spend on your wedding. A professional certainly makes it easier on you, but it will cost more than doing it yourself. If you have the extra money in the budget to hire a wedding planner, it’s recommended that you do.

These questions certainly aren’t the only ones that plague a couple planning their wedding, but they may give you more direction as you start!

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Non-Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas

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If you’re not the type of bride to get excited by the traditional round, 2 or 3-tier white wedding cake, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternative ideas that you can choose from and still have an amazing wedding cake for you and your guests to enjoy.


One of the most popular options for non-traditional brides is a cupcake tower. Cupcakes rather than a traditional cake allow more options for the bride. You can incorporate several different flavors and colors, and cupcake towers are just as beautiful as a traditional cake. They’re also easier to pass around to guests, and more convenient for the bride.

Wedding Cupcakes

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Personal Cakes

Another wonderful option that is becoming more popular is having personal, smaller cakes at each table rather than one large cake. This also allows the bride to have more options. As with cupcakes, you’re able to choose more than one flavor and color. The cakes can be coordinated to work well together, and it’s easier for each guest to get a piece.

Personal Wedding Cakes

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Petit Fours

Just like cupcakes became all the rage a few years ago, petit fours are becoming extremely popular as well. These “mini cakes” are covered in icing and typically feature beautiful details and designs. They can be arranged however you’d like, and are easy to pass around to guests.

Wedding Petit Fours

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Unique Wedding Cakes

The possibilities for unique wedding cakes are limitless. You can choose square tiers, off-centered tiers, upside down cakes, and cakes in nearly any shape you can imagine. Try choosing a cake that works very well with your theme. For instance, if you’re having a Vegas theme, why not have a cake shaped like a roulette wheel? Or, if you’re having a modern and elegant wedding, choose a fondant cake with tons of elegant filigree. Simply make an appointment with your cake specialist at least a few months in advance to choose exactly what you want.

Roulette Wheel Wedding Cake

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Don’t let tradition demand that you have the same old boring wedding cake as everyone else. Think outside the box and come up with the perfect wedding cake for you. If you can imagine it, there’s a baker and decorator out there that can create it!

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Finding the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress: What to Take Shopping With You

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When it’s time to go shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress, there are a few accessories you’ll want to remember to wear or bring along. This will help you select the perfect dress for your big day!

Your Undergarments

You should wear undergarments that are plain and that fit the contours of your body well rather than those with ruffles, bows, etc. This is so you can tell how the dress will look on the day of your wedding. Plus, you might think a dress doesn’t fit well if your undergarments are showing through, when in reality it will fit perfectly with different undergarments.

Wedding Dress Undergarments

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You’ll want to bring a pair of shoes that are very similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. This is essential in order to get the alterations right. While bridal shops typically have shoes available, they might not have the type available that you’re planning on wearing to a beach wedding.

Barefoot Sandals

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1-2 Friends

You’ll want to take 1-2 friends or family members with you. It may be tempting to take more but with so many opinions it could be more of a distraction and more frustrating. Choose a few people you really trust and who you know will be honest and go from there.

Wedding Dress Shopping

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Hair Clips

If you try on a particular dress that you think might be perfect, you might want to see how it looks with your hair up. Take hair clips so you can clip your hair up quickly in case this happens.

Starfish Wedding Hair Clips

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When you bring the appropriate items with you, it will make dress shopping for your beach wedding much easier.

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