Alternatives to Flowers: 4 Etsy Indie Artist Boutonnières

Boutonnières are a traditional part of the groom’s and groomsmen’s ensemble, and usually they’re made from flowers. However, there are plenty of alternatives. Just check out these 4 attractive indie artist boutonnières that have no flowers involved!

Peacock Feature Boutonnières

These beautiful peacock feather boutonnières made by JacquelineAhne on Etsy are perfect for a peacock-themed wedding. It’s a great alternative to flowers and is just as attractive.

Peacock Feather Boutonniere

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Rustic Balsa Wood Boutonnieres

These beautiful boutonnières are created from balsa wood and are elegant and rustic; perfect for a country charm wedding. They’re made by ReflectGlamour on Etsy and will last forever, so they make a wonderful memento as well.

Balsa Wood Boutonniere

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Winter Wonderland Boutonnière

This beautiful option is perfect for a winter wedding and features sparkling silver leaves, leaf elements and a whimsical feather. It’s created by SparkleandPosy on Etsy and is another boutonnière that will last forever.

Winter Boutonniere

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Purple and Silver Wedding Boutonnière

This beautiful rich purple colored boutonnière is created from fabric, artificial leaves, feathers and more. It’s a gorgeous option and a wonderful color. Created by EmilyKBotanicStudio, it’s a wonderful option for brides who love purple.

Purple and Silver Boutonniere

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There are a great number of alternatives for boutonnières that will look sharp on your groomsmen and your groom, and you don’t have to order flowers at all!

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