Wedding Gown Necklace Daughter Gift

Do you want a beautiful and very meaningful gift to pass on to your future little girl? This wedding gown necklace is absolutely charming and has a ton of meaning that your daughter will love as she gets older and on her own wedding day! (You may want to make a few of them, for more than one daughter or a future daughter-in-law.

What You’ll Need

  • Metal Pendant Trays with Glass Inserts (1 for each necklace you make)
  • Super Glue
  • Chains for each necklace
  • Pieces of your wedding dress – if you don’t want to ruin the entire dress, take it from an inconspicuous area on the dress.

Crystal Image Photography ~
Washington, District of Columbia

How to Create It

Start by placing the glass insert on top of the piece of wedding dress you’ve cut. Trace it with a pencil so you will know how to cut the dress to fit in the tray. Next, apply super glue to the inside of the tray (a thin coating all around). Apply the dress to the pendant tray and allow it to set for a few seconds. Apply another layer of glue on top of the dress and place the glass insert on top of that layer of glue.

Allow the pendant to dry thoroughly (overnight) before attaching the chain. It’s ready to go! Give this gift to your daughter to wear as she grows, or wait and give it to her to wear on her wedding day. This is a beautifully meaningful gift that your daughter will cherish throughout the years.

Wedding Dress Necklace

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