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Finding the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress: What to Take Shopping With You

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When it’s time to go shopping for the perfect beach wedding dress, there are a few accessories you’ll want to remember to wear or bring along. This will help you select the perfect dress for your big day!

Your Undergarments

You should wear undergarments that are plain and that fit the contours of your body well rather than those with ruffles, bows, etc. This is so you can tell how the dress will look on the day of your wedding. Plus, you might think a dress doesn’t fit well if your undergarments are showing through, when in reality it will fit perfectly with different undergarments.

Wedding Dress Undergarments

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You’ll want to bring a pair of shoes that are very similar to the ones you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. This is essential in order to get the alterations right. While bridal shops typically have shoes available, they might not have the type available that you’re planning on wearing to a beach wedding.

Barefoot Sandals

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1-2 Friends

You’ll want to take 1-2 friends or family members with you. It may be tempting to take more but with so many opinions it could be more of a distraction and more frustrating. Choose a few people you really trust and who you know will be honest and go from there.

Wedding Dress Shopping

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Hair Clips

If you try on a particular dress that you think might be perfect, you might want to see how it looks with your hair up. Take hair clips so you can clip your hair up quickly in case this happens.

Starfish Wedding Hair Clips

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When you bring the appropriate items with you, it will make dress shopping for your beach wedding much easier.

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5 Drool-Worthy Wedding Shoes Brides Will Love

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If you’re a shoe-lover and you’re getting married, there’s no doubt you’ve been browsing pictures of beautiful wedding shoes. You have to check out these 5 drool-worthy wedding shoes. Use them as inspiration when picking out your shoes, or just enjoy the beauty of these shoes!

Pearl Encrusted Heels

These heels are absolutely covered in beautiful pearls. The toe and heel are covered with sparkling rhinestones to create an absolutely drool-worthy pair of shoes.

Pearl Encrusted Wedding Shoes

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Blush Floral Shoes

These soft blush-colored shoes are sleek and elegant, and feature fantastic flowers at the ankle for a soft and feminine look.

Blush Wedding Shoes

Nude with Bows

These nude shoes are very simple, but the rhinestone bow really sets them off. The overall look is elegant and beautiful.

Nude Wedding High Heel With Bow

Taupe Bling Heels

A soft taupe, these beautiful satin shoes are elegant and feature a sling back. However, the beauty of these shoes is in the heel. Gold and silver rhinestones coat the heel for a beautiful, sparkling look.

Nude Shoe with Jeweled Heel

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Lace Heels

These wedding shoes are great for a black and white wedding. They feature black lace stencils across the sides and a lace-style bow in the back. They’re gorgeous and perfect for a more non-traditional bride.

Black and White Wedding Shoe

Let these shoes inspire your wedding day look!

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Bridal Shoe Tips

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When we dream of being a bride, our imaginations linger over the dress, the veil, the bouquet, the glittering accessories . . . often, little thought is given to the footwear. This often underestimated fashion detail has the ability to add pep to your step, express your personal style and, ultimately, determine the quality of your experience (sore toes and chaffed heels can make any bride sour).

White and Cork High Heels

When choosing your shoes, practicality should be in the forefront of your mind. If you are a lass who doesn’t feel comfortable when not sporting flip flops or tennis shoes, your wedding day is not the occasion in which you should experiment with wobbly heels. Don’t let your trip down the aisle be the first time you wear your chosen set, as donning them for a few hours days prior to the affair will allow the footwear to be comfortably broken in, as well as prevent any unwelcome surprises. Pain for your feet will show in your face, so make sure that you buy a pair that you can comfortably stand, move and dance in for hours. Arch support and insoles will help make being constantly on your feet bearable, so consider investing in a quality pair from Footwear Etc. or Payless.  A kooky fact to be aware of is that your feet tend to swell with the progression of the day, so consider trying on your shoes during the same hour of your wedding. Take into account the venue’s terrain and temperature, as a sandy beach is no place for stilettos, and you may appreciate breathable fabrics if you’re a summer bride. Will the dance floor you’ll be floating about be a slippery tile? Might be wise to use sandpaper on the bottoms to prevent slipping about!

Silver American Eagle Flip Flops

Orange Flats with Gold Buckle

Factor in the height of the hemline – while a heel will make your legs look lean and fit, such an effect will be wasted if your stems and footwear is hidden underneath yards of billowing fabric. While heels will never pass off the scene, more and more brides are reaching for comfy, cute flats for the big day (or at least the reception).  Another height to reflect upon is that of your husband. Wearing stilts that will have you noticeably taller than him will make the photographer’s job unnecessarily tricky, so avoid being the loftiest of the two of you if possible.

Purple High Heels

Footwear is a fun vehicle through which you can add touches of individuality without deviating away from the traditional. Many brides are deviating away from the expected pumps to feature shoes that reflect their personality; many Midwestern country-girls love to display cowboy boots, and it isn’t uncommon for urban, modern brides to have sneakers peeping out from underneath their princess gown. Shoes also are ideal for adding a subtle splash of color to otherwise monochromatic attire, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular with the passing of time. If the hue is bright, make sure that it is used other places throughout the décor, and that the texture and shine of the shoe does not clash with that of the dress.

Cowboy Boots

Green Tennis Shoes

Regardless of the style of shoe you pick, it is worth the splurge if you can envision yourself wearing the pair again. Therefore, pick something that genuinely represents your taste and style, and also well-fitting enough that you won’t be confronted with swollen feet and blisters galore. If your white shoes don’t seem appropriate for an occasion besides your wedding, don’t forget that dyeing is always a possibility. So treat your feet to fashion and comfort as you make your trip down the aisle with stylish and sound footwear.

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