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Anything that makes wedding planning easier on a soon-to-be bride is a definite win! This includes picking out the perfect engagement ring. It’s something you’ll wear every day of your life – it has to be one you are just as in love with as you are your soon-to-be groom! Brides who need a little extra help are going to love this post.

Brides Who Have the Setting Already

There are many brides who find themselves in a tough place because they already have the setting for their engagement ring. It might have been passed down from a family member, or it could be that the bride found her dream setting and just needs to fill it. Through this service, brides can find the perfect certified diamond to fit their lovely setting.

White Flash Diamond

It’s incredibly easy to find the perfect diamond, because the search filters include criteria like shape, diamond size and budget. Speaking of budgets, there’s something for brides and grooms of every budget, so you don’t have to settle for a diamond you’re not going to be happy with.

White Flash Diamond Ring

Brides Who Are Picking Out Their Entire Ring

If you don’t already have the setting, the service offers up a variety of high quality designers, including Verragio, Ritani, Vatche and more. You can choose something that will really stand out, because the line of unique designer engagement rings is top notch.

White Flash Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Choose unique engagement ring settings, every cut imaginable, and diamonds flanked or surrounded by precious gemstones. This is truly the opportunity to find a ring that speaks to you; something that stands out from the typical and boring engagement rings you see on a ton of future brides’ fingers.

White Flash Engagement Ring

Custom Designs

If you know what you want but you can’t find a ring that fits the dream ring in your mind, Whiteflash can custom design a ring that fits you perfectly. Men who have the perfect design in mind for their future wives can go through the easy process with a qualified jeweler to ensure that their lucky lady gets exactly what she deserves. The website offers a custom design ring form that you can use to get your ideas on paper, and then an artist will bring your dream to life.

White Flash Custom Design Rings

Whiteflash provides everything a couple needs when choosing an engagement ring, and will ensure that it’s nothing less than exceptional. That can sure make life easier for a soon-to-be bride!

Whiteflash Contact Information:

2150 Town Square Place

Suite 330

Sugar Land, TX 77479 USA

Telephone: 1-877-612-6770

From Outside the US: 1-832-252-6770

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Girls will spend months looking at wedding and engagement rings, selecting favorites and rejecting others before they find the ring and set their heart on it. Their future spouses will spend a lot of money and put a lot of soul into making sure the perfect ring is chosen. Unfortunately, most couples think that the jeweler’s warranty for the wedding jewelry is enough.

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Engagement Ring

Why Additional Insurance May Be Needed

While most wedding and engagement rings will come with a jeweler’s warranty, those warranties are typically designed to protect against cracks, chips and other small mishaps. Most of the time, the warranty is only valid if the rings are inspected regularly, too! If you happen to lose your ring, it’s not going to be covered.

Engagement and Wedding Ring

“Lose my ring? Are you crazy?”

Yes – it sounds impossible to think about…that you’d lose the ring you’ve fallen in love with, but it happens. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company reports that 40% of the claims they had in 2011 were for rings that were lost or mysteriously disappeared. Besides the emotional trauma a bride is likely to go through if she happens to lose her ring, there is the fact that most engagement rings and wedding bands are worth thousands of dollars.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

While wedding ring insurance isn’t for everyone, it’s worth looking into if your ring is expensive and if the jeweler’s insurance doesn’t cover loss or theft. Specialty insurers like Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offer the most comprehensive coverage for jewelry as jewelry insurance is all they do. Their Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance product is specifically designed for individual’s personal jewelry pieces. Savvy brides who want to learn more about jewelry insurance can get a free quote and apply for a policy at

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