Hannah & Brandon – Mountainside Moments


Our engagement feature today was shot in two majestic settings, on top of rolling hills and by an architecturally beautiful structure. Both are unique in the sense that they were made in different ways, one man-made and the other not. But both are similar for having that towering beauty over man that makes for such amazing photographs. And as much as these backdrops are lovely, the main focus of everything falls on our couple who has shown beauty and chemistry that the beauty of the mountain and the building were overtaken. There’s no denying that men look miniscule compared to a lot of things, but our ability to love and to be dynamic, makes us the more interesting element.

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Liz Cowie Photography
Melbourne Beach, Florida

Something Old into Something New (and Exciting!)

White Owl

Share Pin Tweet Share StumbleUpon These gorgeous necklaces from White Owl are perfect for anyone with a vintage-inspired wedding. It’s incredible how the combination of antique lace and reclaimed chains come together to make something surprisingly modern. Any of these necklaces would be incredibly chic options for the bride or her bridesmaids, if you ask […]

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