Lovely Letters: Calligraphy by Anne Elser Design

If you follow the Inspired Bride on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve recently taken up hand lettering. I’ve always been doodling type in the margins of my notebooks, and decided to take a stab at doing it with calligraphy pens. I’ve also been inspired by Jenna Hein, Betsy Dunlap and Leigh Wells, so rather than take the traditional route of learning a classic script, I’m intuitively learning how to form the letters in a style that sits at the junction of my love of type and my love of beautiful penmanship.

Now, this sounds like I’m taking a huge detour from the subject at hand, but it’s because of this back story I came across Anne Elser Design‘s calligraphy. I was hungry for more inspiration for beautiful but less traditional calligraphy or hand lettering, and suddenly her website crossed my path.While it is a little more traditionally slanted than some of the other calligraphers I mentioned previously, there is a whimsical touch to the styles that keep it feeling fresh and fun. Take a look at the work I’ve pulled below – it’s only a small sampling of what’s on their site, and I think it will make you hungry for more:


Images from Anne Elser Design.

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  • Diane Faye Zerr

    I love the names done at the bottom, that’s gorgeous!!!

  • Kim @ Inspired Goodness

    in love with the last one. can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Anne Elser

    Thanks for the shout!
    Always nice to know people are watching and learning. I’ll tell you – I learn more from my calligraphy students than anyone else. It’s all about experimentation and finding the full range of your voice – that is, after you learn all the technical stuff. Can’t break the rules until you know them.

  • Gilly

    I love the first and third name choices! Are those real addresses? 😉

  • Anne Elser

    Yes! They are real! Though I admit I shortened Harrison’s address.

  • Claire

    I love this piece – beautiful calligraphy, a thoughtful layout and it’s just so striking. Fabulous!