Let Them Eat Macarons: Lovely Pastries from Paulette Macarons

Paulette Macarons

Macarons have been at the top of my list since Marie Antoinette came out, and when I stumbled across San Francisco and Beverly Hills-based Paulette Macarons my heart went all a-flutter! How beautiful is the centerpiece above that they have available for special occasions? I would replace flowers with those stunners in a heartbeat (though they look so delicious that I don’t think they’d make it past the first course!).

I’m sure you guys won’t be able to get enough of them, so how’s about some more tasty treats? Here are some more awe-inspiring shots of their gorgeous macarons in several mouth-watering flavors:

Paulette Macarons

Images from Paulette Macarons.

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  • http://www.pinkorchidweddings.blogspot.com Emilie

    ohh, I LOVE macarons.. =)

  • http://dance-the-tide.blogspot.com Catherine

    will definitely have macarons on my dessert table! so cute!

  • http://siennawedding.blogspot.com Meg @ Sienna Wedding

    So pretty! I would definitely like to try these.

  • http://www.trulysmitten.blogspot.com Truly Smitten

    very very pretty~ I love macarons.

  • http://www.modernwedding.org Holly

    These are just beautiful. I love all of the colors, makes for such a beautiful presentation!

  • http://theimaginarywedding.com The Imaginary Wedding


  • http://www.urbannestblog.com rachel@urbannestblog

    These are fantastic – what a great find!