Do It Yourself Project: Gilded Garden Rose Arrangement

I adore this floral arrangement. I have a history of fawning over garden roses, but pair that with gold leaves and a perfectly lovely vintage brass goblet? A simple – but simply stunning – floral design that looks fantastic in multiples along a longer table.

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What You’ll Need:
Vintage Brass Goblets
Juliet Garden Roses (ours courtesy FiftyFlowers)
Nagi Filler Leaves (ours courtesy FiftyFlowers)
Gold Floral Spray Paint
Floral Shears

Trim several branches of the Nagi filler just below the third or fourth set of smaller offshoot branches. Lay the Nagi leaves out on a piece of newspaper and spray the leaves according to the directions on the can. Adjust the leaf arrangements if necessary to ensure even coating and complete coverage. Allow the leaves to dry.


In the meantime, remove all greenery from the garden roses and trim the stems down so that the bases of flower heads sit just a little above the lip of the brass goblet. Pour enough water into the goblets so it is about halfway full. Arrange the flowers so that the roses form a circle around the edge of the goblet, then add a last rose to the center of the flower ring.

Flip the Nagi leaves over and spray the backs of them, ensuring the coverage is even and no spots are missed. Set aside to dry again. When the paint has set, insert one or two of the sprayed filler leaves into the arrangement, in the small gap between two roses along the brass edge, to finish.

Images by Paper Antler.

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FiftyFlowers is a sponsor of the Inspired Bride, but no financial compensation was received for this post. Samples were provided for the project at our request. For more information on our editorial policy, please click here.

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  • Danielle

    Pretty! Love the gold and pink. Garden roses are one of my top favorite!

  • Lissa (Bellenza)

    How lovely can this get?! Thanks for the wonderful tips for recreating these arrangements.

  • Kim

    This is really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!