DIY Edible Flower Girl Favors

Hi everyone! Last week, I made this adorable favor for a Valentine’s Day dessert table TV segment. I thought it would make a great flower girl favor, so I wanted to share it with you as well. Every little girl (and this grown woman) loves candy necklaces. This bubble gum variation by One Charming Party is an easy DIY project that resembles trendy bead necklaces.

Here’s the bracelet version I made (right) for the Valentine’s segment. I chose orange and pink gum balls to match the table’s palette, which also featured aqua. Since these are bracelets, I also chose a smaller gum ball which are perfectly sized to accommodate a flower girl’s little wrist.


satin or grosgrain ribbon in your color palette

tapestry needle

assorted gum balls in your palette



Use the tapestry needle to pierce the gum ball halfway through. You will have to push hard, but I found the best success by balancing the needle on it’s end, and pushing the gum ball down the shaft. Only drive the needle halfway through, or the ball will crack.

Flip the ball over, align the needle directly opposite your first hole, and pierce halfway through from the other side to form one continuous channel through the gum ball.

Thread your needle with the ribbon and slowly pull through the gum ball. Tie a knot after each ball so that your flower girl can nibble one without the others sliding around or falling off when the necklace is untied.

Present each necklace or bracelet in a jewelry box adorned with ribbon.

The first few gum balls will be the most difficult, but as you get the hang of the amount of pressure to apply to pierce each gum ball the process will speed up. I strung three bracelets in less than twenty minutes. You can also experiment with different sized gum balls and alternate them on the ribbon for an extra dash of style.

Shauna Younge designs high-end, stylized dessert tables that showcase custom sweets and unique design details. Her work can be seen on her website and blog.

image 1 via One Charming Party, image 2 by Emily Steffen via The Sweet Tooth

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  • Megan Dunford

    So darling! I love One Charming Party and the bracelets are darling too :)

  • Jomygoodness

    When I saw this, I wished I had a little girl to make it for/with. Such a fun & colorful project. Love.

  • Robyn

    This is such a fabulous idea! I would like to feature it on my blog (with credit to you, of course!), and I will make these for my flowergirls when I get married in July!!

  • Wedding Flowers Co

    How cute is that! Fabulous idea for my daughter’s upcoming tea party with her playmates.