5 Wonderful & Unique Wedding Gift Registry Items


Your wedding gift registry should contain items that are as one-of-a-kind and amazing as your wedding will be. It doesn’t have to be the mundane, “choose-the-things-you-need” gift registry our parents adhered to! Think, heirlooms to pass down to future generations, telling them the stories of the day you received each one, from whom, and how much it has meant to you throughout the years. That beautiful easel frame that holds your bridal portrait today can one day hold your newborn granddaughter’s picture. That diffuser can one day decorate your teenage daughter’s bedroom. With just a little bit of thought and exploration your wedding gift registry can become a treasure trove of family memories that will bring beautiful moments for generations to come!

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Win a Dream Wedding Dress from Justin Alexander!

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Sometimes, real-life love stories are better than any fairytale ever written. Do you feel this is the case with you and your fiancé? If so, you could win a dream wedding dress from Justin Alexander! If you’re not already familiar with this talented designer, then the 2015 signature collection is going to knock your socks off. The dresses in this collection stunning – featuring rich fabrics and embellishments and drawing on vintage styles, the signature collection is refined, elegant, and sleek.

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8 Reasons You Need to Get to Know Zola – The Wedding Registry for the Modern Couple


Wedding registries – the topic is controversial at times, oft discussed amongst soon-to-be brides, and daunting to many. Zola is a wedding registry with the goal of making registering for products you want and need as easy as possible. If you haven’t yet heard of Zola, check out the following 10 reasons why you should get to know it…quickly!

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