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Wedding Vendors: To Tip or Not To Tip

Should you tip wedding vendors, and if so, are there certain ones you should tip and others you shouldn’t? There are a lot of questions surrounding tipping wedding vendors, so the following information should clear it up.

Wedding Vendors: To Tip or Not To Tip

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The Delivery Staff

The men and women who deliver your wedding items, including flowers, rented tables and chairs, etc. should be tipped. This is especially true if it’s a different person from the actual florist or wedding planner, as they usually receive an hourly salary and tips that are included on bills wouldn’t automatically go to them.

The Wedding Transportation

The same goes for the wedding transportation professionals. It’s recommended that you tip based on how long these professionals will be serving you.

Wedding Vendors: To Tip or Not To Tip

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For instance, some drivers will only provide transportation from the wedding ceremony venue to the reception venue while others will wait during the reception and provide rides home.

The Wedding Officiant

Many officiants don’t charge for their services, but it is considered polite to tip them. If they don’t accept cash tips, you may want to make a donation to their organization (church, etc.) in lieu of cash.

The Reception Staff

The reception staff is one of the most important when it comes to tipping. These professionals will help ensure that your reception goes smoothly and that your guests are fed and having a great time.

Wedding Vendors: To Tip or Not To Tip

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While there may be a tip included in the final bill, you may also want to tip special servers, etc.

The Stylists

Finally, it’s important to tip the stylists that help make sure you look fantastic on your big day. This includes your hair stylist, makeup artist, etc. You should tip these professionals the same way you would for a normal session. This is typically 15% to 20% of the bill.

Making sure your vendors are tipped well is not only good etiquette, but you would appreciate it if the roles were reversed!

Important Things to Discuss with Your Photographer before the Wedding

Every wedding is different, and although photographers might shoot hundreds of weddings in a year’s time, they are not mind readers. It’s important to meet with them before the wedding and have a discussion about the events that will take place and the photos you want. Here are some tips for important things to discuss with your photographer before the wedding.

Must-Have Shots

Most photographers get the general idea: bride and groom, bride with her parents, groom with his parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. However, there may be some shots you want that your photographer won’t think of because he or she doesn’t know you personally. For instance, maybe your uncle is also your godfather and you’d like a special shot with him. Make sure you let your photographer know and even make a list of your must-have shots.

Bride and Mother-of-the-Bride

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The Wedding Picture Venue

If you want to take your wedding pictures in a location other than the wedding or reception venue, it’s important to discuss this with your photographer. Perhaps the location has a special meaning to you and you’d like to get some pictures there. Tell your photographer the significance of the spot (so he or she will remember it more clearly) and make sure they agree to take some pictures at the location.

Bridal Party Wedding Photos

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Special Pictures

Some brides want pictures of special items, because they’re important to them. For instance, one bride carrying a tiny photo frame on her bouquet of a grandfather who had passed on wanted pictures of that particular item. Make sure you let your photographer know about anything that simply can’t be left out of the wedding scrapbook.

Bridal Bouquet Photo Charms

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These are just a few of the things you’ll want to discuss with your photographer before the wedding. Also make sure to discuss a plan B in case it rains on the day of your wedding or wedding photo shoot.