Sponsored Post: Avoid Last Minute Wedding Horrors with Markel Wedding Insurance

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Couple Arguing

If you’re planning your wedding, chances are you’ve heard a hundred different horror stories about what could go wrong. There are simple solutions to fix small rips in your dress, a broken heel or an unsightly blemish, but what if something a little more serious goes wrong? For instance, what […]

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Celebrity Wedding Dresses That Stray from the Traditional

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Gwen Stefani's Wedding Dress

If you’ve been thinking of wearing a wedding dress that isn’t white, you should know you’re not alone. Many celebrities go with colorful dresses rather than white ones. Here are a few celebrities that have gone with very non-traditional wedding dresses. Gwen Stefani Rather than wearing white for her wedding […]

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The results are in! The cost of an average wedding in the US is…

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Results are in!

Happy Friday everyone! Before we head off to our weekend festivities, I just want to share with you the results of the recent survey done by The Knot and WeddingChannel! About 20,000 couples in the US who were married in 2011 were surveyed to reveal the latest wedding budget and […]

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An Important Update

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been super quiet around here, but today I have the pleasure of sharing with you some exciting news that helps explain why I’ve been so MIA here and on Somewhere Splendid: I’m pregnant with our first little one! Just saying that “out loud” is sort of […]

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