Valentine’s Day Engagement Inspiration


And because we love this day so much, we’ll give you another Valentine’s Day inspired shoot. Just like our earlier one, this one embraced the color of love – red. Armed with red balloons, red hearts, red skirt, and a red blanket, it was a nice pop of color for this outdoor shoot. What’s fascinating too is that because of winter, there were no greens around so the red was pretty much the focal point (aside from the couple, of course). So enjoy this album and maybe, it’ll give you another adorable idea on how to approach your engagement shoot.

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Hunger Games Inspired Wedding Shoot


With the release of the penultimate movie for the Hunger Games series, this styled shoot is perfect for those who are a fan of the franchise. The bride and groom were inspired not by the infamous couple Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark, but by the bantering pair, Effie Trinket & Haymitch Abernathy. An unusual pair indeed but they are one of the most striking characters in this series. Effie’s bright outfits and jolly personality is the perfect opposite with Haymitch’s perpetually sullen mood and this made the album more interesting. Enjoy and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Styled Shoot – Classic in Burgundy


This album had an ingenious approach to what we refer to as ‘classic’. One would consider something as ‘classic’ when it has outperformed continuous changes brought upon by time – that’s why ‘classic’ is synonymous to ‘timeless’. This styled shoot looked classic in all sense but the addition of clock pieces was a creative and literal irony to the ‘timeless’ look that it achieved. Witty.

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Styled Shoot turned Surprise Proposal


We can agree on two things about this feature today. One, that this is such a classy and colorful beach shoot of two beautiful people in love. And two, although there are a lot of visually pleasing photos present here, our favorite would have to be the candid ones of our couple’s proposal moments. It’s not everyday someone captures what true surprise and delight is and it’s nice to have such a memorable experience of your life documented beautifully too.

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