Jessica & Scott – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High Enough

Love definitely moves in mysterious ways. It makes you climb mountains, cross over oceans and fly high in the sky, just like today’s featured engagement session.

We got the bride-to-be to spill all the beautiful details on how their love story came to be.

What is your story as a couple, how did you meet, fall in love..etc?

Scott was living in Davis finishing his Masters degree in Mechanical engineering  and I was in my first year of veterinary school.  One of Scott’s roommates was a veterinary school classmate of mine and he had a hunch that we would like each other.  So our mutual friend arranged for us to meet up (along with a group of people) to go to a comedy night at a local restaurant.  Sure enough, he was right and we totally hit off. (By the way, that mutual friend is now going to be officiating our wedding in CA).   We ended up going on a date a week later- delicious thai food- and the rest is history as they say.    We ended up doing 2 years of long distance when Scott first moved to Boulder and I remained in Davis finishing veterinary school.  Then our long distance became much better when I moved to Fort Collins last year for my internship.  Then we moved to Denmark for 6 months (check out our blog for a scan of some pics….  And now we are finally back in Boulder living together.  Scott is working for Siemens doing research and development on wind turbines and renewable energy.  I am working as a small animal vet in Broomfield.  


 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High Enough

What makes the two of you a perfect match?

Balance- Scott is very calm and mellow and grounded.  I am very high energy, passionate and a little more feisty ; )   We share common interests: love the of the great outdoors- hiking, biking, skiing and LOVE of travel and adventure!

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughWhat inspired your wedding decor? Why did you choose the things that you did?

We wanted to go the DIY route.  We wanted something authentically rustic so chose an outdoor venue with lots of wild flowers, mason jars, and chalk boards.  My Mom was a huge help in making a beautiful creative vision come to life.

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughWhat was your favorite part of the day?

The ceremony.  I thought I would be more nervous and unable to fully enjoy that part with everyone watching us but I felt more present than ever and it was so special to read our individually written vows to one another!

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughDo you have advice for engaged couples still in the planning process?

Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t forget about what is really important- your lifetime partnership with this amazing person!

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughDo you have any Do it Yourself {DIY} projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

My Mom put together all the decor and flowers.  She started purchasing everything from vintage tables to chalk boards to mason jars at everywhere from MIchaels to Home Goods to flea markets in Los Angeles.  She ordered all the flowers from the LA flower market and with the help of some florist friends put together all the arrangements herself.  She also made burlap runners for the tables.

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughDo you have a budget for the wedding, did you go over or stay under?  Where did you save the most money?

Under budget.  Saved money but only doing beer and wine and we did pie instead of cake for dessert.
 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High Enough

Can you share some tips or tricks that you learned along the way leading up to the wedding or after?

Tip: Get a day off wedding coordinator… no matter what you think, you cannot do this without them!

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughWhat were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

Reading our vows that we wrote to one another.  Having our friend and the guy who introduced us be our officiant for the ceremony.  We had a fire spit and smores for the reception!

 Jessica & Scott   Aint No Mountain High EnoughWhat are you most excited about for the future?

Sharing the rest of our lives together and continuing to travel, play in the great outdoors and make amazing memories!


Photographer:  Christina Kiffney Photography