3 Special People to Thank on Your Wedding Day

The bride and groom traditionally get presents for each other to exchange on the wedding day. Also, the bride usually gifts her bridesmaids with something special and of course, the guests get favors. Here are 5 people you shouldn’t forget to thank on your wedding day.

Your Parents

They’ve supported you the entire way, hosted dinners, worried while you were on dates and may even be paying for the wedding. A sweet gift to thank them is a wonderful idea. You don’t have to purchase something; you could make them a delicious dessert, write them a poem, or create a picture collage. Just make sure they know how grateful you are.

Wedding Photo Idea

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Wedding Photo Idea

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Your Spouse


You’ve been through everything together. When you choose your spouse’s wedding gift, remember this. Think about things they love or special memories between the two of you. Again, purchasing isn’t necessary. You could give them a special picture or another sweet homemade gift. One great guy had a photographer hiding when he proposed to his wife, but didn’t tell her. On their wedding day, he gave her a framed photo of the proposal. This is a clever and fantastic idea and may inspire you to come up with a great wedding day gift for your spouse.

Wedding Photo

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Your Maid of Honor/Best Man

There’s a reason you chose a specific girl or guy for your maid of honor or best man. They’re your best friend, sister, brother or someone else that is extremely special to you. They’re the ones you think to call first when you’re having a problem, and the ones you just can’t celebrate without. Let them know this with a special gift.

Bride and Maid of Honor

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Wedding Photo

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Of course, you may have other special people you want to thank, but these are the guys and gals you just don’t want to leave out!

Thank You Wedding Photo

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