Go For Colorful Bling on Your Ring with Turtle Love Committee

Diamonds may be forever, but gemstones are oh so current. With the economy still not so fabulous, why not consider turning to stone alternatives? It’s more modern (after all, canary and pink diamonds are all the rage, but the expense is mind boggling) and certainly more affordable, but it’s also more unique. Another great aspect of going the gemstone route: no worry about Blood Diamonds.

If you’re really looking forward to a diamond ring, but can’t afford it right now, consider going for a semi-precious stone from Turtle Love Committee (in the $100-$200 range) and you can always purchase a diamond as an anniversary present when the expense is more affordable. They’re really beautiful rings, so whether you plan to keep them for a short period or for the rest of your lives together, you should certainly consider them as a great option. Here are some favorites:

Turtle Love Committee

Turtle Love Committee

Turtle Love Committee

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  • http://anaquajuel.blogspot.com kalikiana

    I have an aquamarine engagement ring and love it!! Put a big ol’ picture of it as the header to my blog :)

  • bridebug

    My engagement ring has a ruby in the middle with 8 lil’ diamond petals around it. Not only did I want something unique but we liked the idea of an antique ring as it’s guaranteed to be eco/ethical!

  • ananya

    While gems are a great alternative, the claim that they don’t help fund conflicts around the world is misleading. Conflict rubies from Nepal are a good example. It is always a good idea to ask sourcing questions when you buy.