A 1920s Love Affair


If there’s something really noteworthy about this wedding (aside from our couple’s undeniable love, of course) is everybody’s outfits that were styled to look flapper and elegant. With the use of fedora hats, the bridesmaid’s knee-length silver dress, and the bride’s hair piece, they captured this vintage era’s style with subtlety and flair. The rest of the day’s details and decors were pretty simple because the location and ensembles were already gorgeous. Congratulations to our couple, Janelle & JD!

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Abundance of Flowers in Autumn

Tarrytown Wedding Photography

The use of the rich colors of autumn were so elegant in this wedding. The scarlet and orange really helped brought out the beauty in everyone and everything. The bridesmaids wore red dresses in varying styles that complemented them. The cake, which was already beautiful in it’s simplicity, was adorned with red roses and I’m truly in love with it. It’s an embodiment of the saying that less is more. The gallant use of flowers as decorations in this event was an interesting touch to the seasonal theme the color palette was based on. Flowers are usually associated with spring so it’s nice to see fall and blooms together in one place. Anyway, congratulations on such a beautiful wedding Rachael & Thomas!

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Chic Outdoor Wedding


When I described this wedding as chic and outdoorsy, I didn’t mean it as a simple description because this event was the perfect example of those words and we’re totally loving this feature because of that. The chicness was brought upon the pinks and purples of the decorations. The cake, the bouquet, the shoes and the table pieces were in beautiful shades of cotton candy pink. Plus, they made use of black and white stripes too – very My Fair Lady. Then we have their beautiful venue. The ceremony area and the place where they had the bridal shoot were lovely. The sun was in favor of them too, a beautiful sunny day for the event and a striking sunset for the shoot. Ahh, congratulations April & Ben!

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