Protecting your Wedding Valuables. A SentrySafe Lock File Review [Giveaway, $179 Retail Value]


Marriage is wonderful! It comes with it the joy of having a life partner, the excitement of many new experiences and an absolute plethora of very important documents to keep track of as you merge two lives together! There has been awful weather events that has cost many people their homes. Floods, fires and other events can happen. It is best to be prepared, as you embark on this wonderful time in your lives.

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Making Sure Your ‘Bride-to-Be’ Smile is Perfect (Giveaway)


Every girl dreams of having “the smile that could launch a thousand ships.”

In the months leading up to your wedding, you will be taking part in some very special events – from your bachelorette party to the bridal shower and the reception. Of course you’re going to document each of these amazing events with pictures and videos, so having the perfect smile is a must. It also goes without saying that your smile needs to be it’s most dazzling on your wedding day. The following tips will help you accomplish exactly that!

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