How to Make Paper Cranes for Your Wedding

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Paper Cranes

There is a legend that says if you create 1,000 paper cranes, you are granted a wish. Brides and grooms have taken this legend and combined it with their wedding celebrations, as a symbol of their greatest wish – happiness together. Here is how to make paper cranes for your […]

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Beautiful Carnival-Themed Wedding Ideas

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Carnival Wedding Candy

What’s more fun than a carnival? Why not incorporate that innocent, joyous fun into your wedding day? Here are a few ideas you can use if you plan to have a fun carnival wedding. Food The food for a carnival wedding will be easy and a lot of fun. Create […]

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Sponsored Post: Rent Your Tuxedo from the Comfort of Your Own Home with Jos. A Bank

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How would you like to order all the tuxedos you need for your groomsmen and groom from the comfort of your own home? It’s easy to do with a new tool available from Jos. A. Bank. The tool is super easy to use. Individuals can simply register and will receive […]

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How to Plan a Potluck Wedding

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Just the other day I was on CafeMom, and a woman had posted her proposed potluck wedding menu, asking other members if they thought it was tacky. The plan was to provide the foundation for the meal and ask guests to bring their favorite dishes to go with it. The […]

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