Sponsored Post: Conxt makes getting mailing addresses easy!

 Sponsored Post: Conxt makes getting mailing addresses easy!Collecting mailing addresses was one of my biggest headaches when I was planning my wedding. And all the work gathering my guests’ addresses got in the way of the fun stuff, like designing wedding invitations! In fact, the average couple will sink over ten to fifteen hours of their time just trying to collect addresses. For this post, we’re happy to introduce Conxt, a free online service that makes collecting addresses easy!

Gone are the days of manually slaving over an excel sheet, retyping addresses from your email into your workbook, and endlessly checking your email and letters to see who has responded and who needs a follow-up. Instead, Conxt allows your guests to create your address book for you! Simply import e-mail addresses into Conxt from Gmail, YahooMail, or whatever email provider you use. Then tag the emails of your guest list and send them a contact information request. When the guest receives this request, they fill out an online form that automatically updates your Conxt address book! You can easily track who has responded and who hasn’t, making follow-up as simple as a single click! If you’ve already started collecting addresses, you can also import your current spreadsheet into Conxt and use the service to just collect the addresses you’re still waiting on! Conxt is fast, simple, free, and is designed just to help you get addresses. When you’ve gathered all your guests’ addresses in Conxt, it’s easy and free to print mailing addresses, export your guestlist to an excel workbook, or give it to a wedding planner!

Many couples rely on the address list they make for their wedding throughout their lives, so why not do it right? As you and your spouse continue your journey together, Conxt can update your friends’ and loved ones’ mailing addresses as often as you want as you send holiday cards, birthday cards, and (maybe!) birth announcements in the years to come. With Conxt, you’re generating an address book that will be with you for life! Get started today at www.conxt.com!