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Glass Wedding Bubbles

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I like looking at Etsy once in a while to find new and unique decor ideas and today happens to be one of them. I saw lots of great ideas that anyone could use for their decor but I really like these glass wedding bubbles from Country Sweets. With crystals and blings being the trend these days, these glass bubbles will definitely be a hit for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. It gives the illusion of bubbles without them popping and it’s romantic when hung on trees. To make the illusion seem more real, why not use fishing wires to make it seem like they’re floating on air. With a little bit of creativity, the ideas are endless.


Images from Country Sweets

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Real Engagement: Sara-Jane and Brendan

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Is it just me or are the malls more colorful these days? I’m not talking about the usual pastel colors for spring but bright, vibrant and fun colors! Just like our featured engagement session today – it has everything I enjoy seeing on engagement sessions. Lots of colors and the couple having fun; and of course, as an added bonus, they even have the father in law’s red childhood bicycle. And with that, Lauren Craig Photography’s rustic with a touch of vintage and sentiment engagement session is complete.

Images from: Lauren Craig Photography

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Tips: Centerpiece Giveaway Ideas

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Centerpieces are one of the key elements in your wedding decor. I thought about what our centerpieces will be up until a month before our wedding! But after all those months spent thinking about the perfect centerpiece, what exactly should you do with them? Couples usually have a game for the guests to take home the centerpieces and if you’ve attended many weddings in the past, you’ve probably seen the same one over and over again. Today we’ll give you some ideas on what you can do with your centerpieces that will be a hit with your guests and probably even those that didn’t attend your wedding at all.

Pass the Napkin

This is probably the game that’s been played at every wedding you’ve been to. If you want to keep it simple and still have the suspense at who will take home the centerpiece, this is definitely the game to play. Almost everyone is familiar with it and guests will still have fun with it.

Bride/Groom Trivia

For my friend’s wedding, she had a scroll on each plate that says “Do not open until the emcee says so”. Once the emcee got everyone to open the scroll there were 10 questions about the couple and whoever answers the most, gets to take home the centerpiece.

First to RSVP

Not everyone might be able to take the centerpiece home, but it’s never a bad idea to reward the first person that sent their RSVP with the centerpiece.

Right and Left

This is just like the game they play during christmas parties. Where you pass the gift left or right based on the story being read out loud. Almost the same idea with the napkin but it’s more fun and the suspense doesn’t end when the music does. Below is a sample of the story you can use:

(Bride) LEFT her house and was on her way to the church for the wedding. But about half way there, as she turned LEFT, she remembered that she LEFT her wedding dress at home RIGHT by the door! She knew RIGHT away that she had to turn around and go RIGHT back to get her dress. So she turned RIGHT, then LEFT and LEFT again, turning RIGHT into her driveway. Sure enough, there it was, RIGHT where she had LEFT it, RIGHT next to the door.

Finally, she was on the RIGHT track. When she arrived at the church, she realized that she only had 1 hour LEFT before the wedding and she still had her hair and make-up LEFT to do. So she went RIGHT to work and finished with time LEFT to spare.

Well the wedding was beautiful-the ceremony was just RIGHT and nothing was LEFT out. At the reception, (Groom) surprised (Bride) with a beautiful gift. She was so happy that she teared RIGHT up!

Off on their honeymoon they LEFT! Of course, it wouldn’t be RIGHT to say where they went.

So, now there’s nothing LEFT to say except enjoy the evening/afternoon. Just for fun though, pass once more to the left. Now see, that was fun! Right?

Oldest Couple or Whose Anniversary

How about reward the oldest couple per table with the centerpiece. Or whose anniversary is closest to your wedding date.

Donate your Centerpieces

You can donate your centerpieces to a local church to use for that weekend or drop by at the closest retirement home before you head off on your honeymoon to put a smile on their faces.



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