Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

You probably dreamed about your wedding day for a long time and now that you’re actually planning it, you’re starting to get overwhelmed by all the costs that comes with a really beautiful wedding. But don’t let a high price tag on something that you like bring you down. There are still ways to have a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. To start off the week, Inspired Bride will give you some tips on exactly how to do that.

* Consider a weekday wedding

I knew even before we started planning our wedding that having it on a Friday night would cost me less than having our wedding on a Saturday. Sure, there might be people who might not be happy about it, but if you let your guests know about your date ahead of time through a save the date, then the people that you really want to be at your wedding will most likely be there.

* Go for cash bar instead

Taking the open bar out of our wedding cut our per head by 20%. It helped that we didn’t have a lot of guests who drink. But, if you really want to serve an alcoholic drink consider serving a signature cocktail rather than an all out open bar.

* Lunch reception instead of dinners

If you really want to have your wedding on a Saturday then you might want to think about having a lunch reception rather than dinner. The cost is definitely less and will also cut you on open bar. I mean, who likes to drink in the middle of the afternoon?

* If possible avoid pricey main courses

Food is one of the things that your guests will remember most about your wedding, so while you want to avoid pricey main courses, this does not mean to cut your budget in this area. We had the classic steak and chicken breast with vegetables on the side for our main dish and people still enjoyed it. Granted, it doesn’t set your wedding apart from the rest, but it’s enough to have your guests leave your wedding satisfied without breaking the bank.

* Pick flowers that are in season

The title says it all and with most bridal flowers available all year round, this shouldn’t be hard to do. However, for something popular such as peonies or lilies of the valley for example will be difficult to find if your wedding is out of the season. Work closely with your florist on different options to still give you the best on your wedding day.

* Repurpose your wedding decorations

For our decorations we asked our decorator to use the same decor from the ceremony to the reception. Decorators are good at what they do by creating different looks with the same item.

* Shop around

I believe that this is the best part of wedding planning. Talking to different vendors will give you a better idea at how much certain things cost and when you find the least expensive one, this is where the fun begins! All you have to remember is that price comparison isn’t just limited to Wal Mart nowadays.

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