Excuse the Interruption!

Share Pin Tweet Share StumbleUpon Hey guys, Sorry to be missing in action for the past few days, but I’ve got a really hot deadline at work that’s been taking all my downtime away. In other words – it’s been hard to put in m after hours at home to schedule posts. The deadline is […]

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Lawry's Catering
Los Angeles, California
(310) 360-6281 ext 5

Do It Yourself Project: Nefarious Activities Mustaches


Share Pin Tweet Share StumbleUpon As I’ve alluded to previously on Twitter, Kristen from Paper Crave and I are collaborating on a top secret project together that we’re both incredibly excited about. We’ve been making a lot of progress, and each time I’ve tweeted about our progress I’ve mentioned that if I had a mustache, […]

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