Pretty Paper: Dahlia Press

Dahlia Press

ShareTweetPinShareLinked InStumbleUpon When Stephanie from Dahlia Press e-mailed me about her company, we shared a little giggle because, coincidentally enough, I once had a letterpress company by the same name! Then the wedding and my full time job took over, and that was that. I’m happy to say the name is in good hands though! […]

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Hello, Hello.

ShareTweetPinShareLinked InStumbleUpon Sorry about all of last week. As I believe I mentioned, my computer is having a bit of a hissy fit rendering me incapable of doing much on it. It’s still not resolved, so this is going to be a weird week – it’s not going to fit the normal format because I’m […]

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Knoxville, Tennessee

Technology Bites.

ShareTweetPinShareLinked InStumbleUpon Hey guys, apologies for today. I’m having computer troubles and I didn’t have anything preplanned for this week. I’m hoping it gets resolved soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me! PS – this also applies to email. Apologies if in the past few days I haven’t gotten back to you. I promise I’m […]

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