Go For Colorful Bling on Your Ring with Turtle Love Committee

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Turtle Love Committee

Diamonds may be forever, but gemstones are oh so current. With the economy still not so fabulous, why not consider turning to stone alternatives? It’s more modern (after all, canary and pink diamonds are all the rage, but the expense is mind boggling) and certainly more affordable, but it’s also […]

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Sweet Finishing Touch: Floral Cupcake Toppers

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Cupcake Toppers

When I came across these origami cupcake toppers from Millalove on Etsy, I instantly fell in love. They’re a perfectly charming way to finish off a spring party – and I thought it would be particularly lovely for a bridal shower. They come in a great variety of colors, so […]

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Inspired Conversations: Tara Hogan of INK + WIT

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I’m happy to announce the addition of a new post feature that I’m introducing, and even more delighted to have you meet our inaugural guest! As of today, the Inspired Bride will be (on no fixed schedule) showing you the behind the scenes of some of our favorite vendors – […]

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Orange and Pear: A Treasure Chest of Giftables

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After I had done my earlier posts (here and here) about bridal shower gifts, Jennifer of Orange and Pear was kind enough to give me a heads up about her shop, which is chock full of cute stuff. Whether you’re the bride looking for stuff for her girls, or you’re […]

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