Bridesmaids: Something Blue


ShareTweetPinShareLinked InStumbleUpon In a series of posts similar to what I’ve been doing with shoes, here’s the first of several posts by color for bridesmaids dresses. We’ll start off with my favorite color – blue! from Thread from Lazaro from Melissa Sweet from Bari Jay from Vineyard from Vineyard ShareTweetPinShareLinked InStumbleUpon

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Modern Day Floral Masterpieces

Modern Day Design

ShareTweetPinShareLinked InStumbleUpon I love, love, love the work of Modern Day Design in Santa Barbara, California. I love their take on a contemporary bouquet: instead of styling everything perfectly and cleanly a la Martha, it’s about using unexpected flower and botanical combinations with a modern edge (love the succulents!). Visit their site to see more […]

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